Gableman sends four new subpoenas to Madison officials as part of probe

Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway

MADISON, Wis. – Former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman issued a fresh round of subpoenas to Madison officials, the city said Monday.

The move is part of an ongoing probe he is leading into the 2020 election on behalf of Assembly Republicans.

Three separate subpoenas were issued to Madison’s Chief Information Officer, Sarah Edgerton. A fourth was issued to Madison Finance Director Dan Schmiedicke.

Edgerton and Schmiedicke are called to testify at Gableman’s office, located inside a Brookfield strip mall, and produce documents relating to how Madison conducted its elections.

Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway received a subpoena as part of the probe in October calling for her to appear at the mall. She did not testify after Gableman canceled the interview.

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Last month, Gableman suggested Rhodes-Conway, along with Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich, should face punishment and even jail time for not meeting with him.

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“Attorney Gableman and his team are yet again demonstrating that they have learned nothing about election administration in Wisconsin,” Rhodes-Conway said in a statement Monday. “Their “investigation” is a waste of time and taxpayer dollars.”