Fromagination’s Picnic Pairings

Fromagination’s Picnic Pairings

picnic is more than a checkered blanket and tattered basket. According to Ken Monteleone, owner of Fromagination, it’s about the perfect ingredients.

With quality ingredients, ready-to-eat items and culinary expertise, Fromagination serves as the ideal picnic-scrounging destination.

Prepared baskets abound, so it’s easy to stop in and grab a last minute feast on the fly. The popular Locally Grown Basket features Nueske’s summer sausage, Potter’s Crackers, local artisan cheeses, dried fruit and a sweet—often homemade chocolate chip cookies or chocolate squares. The French Countryside, Under the Tuscan Sun and Costa Del Sol basket options feature French, Italian and Spanish cuisines. All come with suggested wine or beer pairings.

Staffers can also help customers create individualized baskets, from simple baguette and brie combos to elaborate spreads. Each masterpiece is based on a key component: cheese. “It’s the staple and we kind of layer in all the different companions [from there],” Monteleone says.  

But Monteleone cites another consideration equally as important: selecting your surroundings. The store is located just off the Capitol lawn, so there are plenty of places to picnic nearby. Fromagination even lends blankets to customers.

The shop also sells picnic accessories, including bistro glasses, napkins, plates and eco-friendly picnic bags.

“Everything we do is very sustainable, local and true to tradition and that’s what our picnic is all about … staying true to tradition,” Monteleone says.

Fromagination, 12 S. Carroll St., 255-2430,

Photo courtesy of Fromagination.