From Burger King to Comedy King

From Burger King to Comedy King

Ordering food at your local fast food chain’s drive-thru is normally nothing noteworthy. Sure, you might be excited for that chocolate shake or suddenly feel a rush of adrenaline when you do—in fact—decide to supersize that order of fries. But other than that, a standard procedure of “Can I take your order,” and “That will be $5.50, first window please” is fairly mundane.

Unless the guy at the other end of the speaker box is Ian Edwards. Then things might be different.

Edwards, the comic headlining the Comedy Club on State this Thursday through Saturday, got his start in stand up after a customer at the Burger King he worked at in Long Island thought his drive-thru jokes were actually pretty good.

“From the moment that guy said ‘you should do comedy,’ I never thought about anything else,” says Edwards, who was born in England and has lived in Jamaica and New York.

Edwards describes his comedy as “pushing the envelope.”

“I don’t mind making people feel bad about laughing at something,” he says.  

The Comedy Club on State regularly books national touring comedy acts—and Edwards is no different. He has appeared on Comedy Central, MTV and HBO, and has written for shows like “Saturday Light Live” and the BET Awards. Edwards has also appeared on many late night talk shows. Watch his performance on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” below. 

Edwards takes the stage for the first time in Madison this Thursday, September 27, at 8:30 p.m. and will perform throughout the weekend, including two shows on Saturday night.

For more information on the shows this weekend, see the Comedy Club on State’s website at
You can follow Ian Edwards on Twitter @IanEdwardsComic

Grace Edquist is the Associate/Web Editor of Madison Magazine.