Frito-Lay semitrailer rear-ended, Xmas tree load tipped on I-90; 2 people injured

In chain-reaction crash, semitrailer with Christmas trees tips, officials say

Two people were injured Wednesday in crash on Interstate 90 near Mauston, law enforcement officials said.

The Wisconsin State Patrol said at 6:26 a.m., an F350 diesel Ford truck hauling a large generator blew the turbo on I-90 west at mile marker 71. The turbo blow out caused a large plume of smoke to engulf the westbound lanes, and a Frito-Lay semitrailer driving behind the one-ton F350 slowed in the smoke.

According to the report, a holiday wholesale straight truck behind the Frito-Lay semi failed to slow and struck the Frito-Lay semi. The holiday wholesale truck sustained severe damage, pushing the engine into the passenger compartment and pinning the truck occupants.

The passenger suffered a severe but non-life-threatening injury, state patrol said. The passenger was extricated from the straight truck by Mauston area ambulance and flown to UW Hospital in Madison. The driver of the straight truck was taken to Mile Bluff medical center for minor injuries. The driver of the Frito-Lay truck was not injured.

The straight truck was disabled, blocking two lanes. Another passenger car swerved to the right shoulder to avoid a crash with the disabled straight truck. When the passenger car swerved from the lane to the right shoulder and braked hard another semi unit hauling 20,000 pounds of Christmas trees made contact with the rear of the car causing severe damage but not injuring the driver. After the collision with the passenger car, the semi driver over-corrected to the right ditch, which caused the semi tractor and trailer to tip onto the passenger side and come to rest in the right ditch. The driver and passenger of the tipped semi were not injured.

State patrol is investigating the crash.