Fries v. Frites

All-you-can-eat fries or highbrow frites? You...
Fries v. Frites
Mickey's Tavern Sexy Fries (left) and a pig in a fur coat Duck Fat Fries.

There are two Frenchies in town now: the laid-back fry and the upscale frite.

Both reserve the right to top themselves with delicious extras, but the battle is heating up in Madison as the casual fry continues to live up to the fame of its forefathers, while frites bring the fancy with some game-changing details. What’ll it be?

All-you-can-eat fries or highbrow frites? You be the judge.


Crack Fries, HopCat
Award-winning, beer-battered and served with cheese sauce when you need your fix.

Sexy Fries, Mickey’s Tavern
Parmesan, chives, crushed red pepper and white truffle oil will get you hot and bothered.

Housemade Alchemy Fries, Alchemy Cafe
The side that goes with everything. And
they’re vegan, so … they’re healthy?

Beer-Battered French Fries, Tipsy Cow
You might as well get a basket for
the whole table.

Garlic Parmesan Fries, The Free House Pub
Dip them in the lemon dill aioli
for a flavor explosion.


Steak Frites, Brasserie V
Served with steak, squash and a Cabernet sauce for pinky-up papas fritas.

Patatas Bravas, Estrellón
Stacked in a delicate tower and aioli-drizzled to perfection.

Duck Fat Fries, a pig in a fur coat
Parmigiano reggiano and aioli
complete this divine dish.

Moules Frites, Sardine
Hail to these frites’ plate companion,
Prince Edward Island mussels.

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