Friends Of Mitch

Good folks helping out a good guy.
Friends Of Mitch




Many of you probably know that WIBA radio personality Mitch Henck suffered a stroke recently and is in the midst of rehab and recovery. While Mitch has handled it all with his typical aplomb and more good humor than most of us could muster he needs to focus on getting back into working and golfing and performing shape. And that could take a little while yet.

Mitch is a great guy and the good news is he has a lot of friends. A dozen in so in particular have formed the Friends of Mitch, folks like Brandon Scholz and Bill McCoshen and Dave Zweifel and John Roach, and they’re helping raise money Mitch will need to speed his return to good health. We’d like to help and we invite you to join us. There’s an account open at Park Bank, and there’s a Friends of Mitch-Henck Facebook page. Let’s put it this way” we can’t get back to looking at the world a little “outside the box,” without Mitch back on the air. We appreciate his friends’ efforts and we hope many of you will join us in joining them.