Friend remembers the victim of Christmas Eve homicide

Jeffery Spitzer-Resnick wrote a blog about losing a friend to gun violence


Jeffery Spitzer-Resnick wrote a blog about losing his friend to gun violence and said he hopes to see action taken by the legislature.

Sheila Green, 63, was shot to death in her Madison home on Tuesday, according to officials.

“She just always had a smile on her face. I mean you couldn’t be around Sheila without feeling her joy. She was just a very happy person,” Spitzer-Resnick said. “It was just a genuine smile and just a beautiful person to be around in that kind of joyous way.”

Spitzer-Resnick said he and his wife first became friends with Green when her moved to Madison in the 80s. He said it was easy to become friends with her because of the contagious joy she spread.

“The rest is history and Sheila’s smile will never be ever again, not in real life, only in pictures,” Spitzer-Resnick said.

In his blog, Spitzer-Resnick wrote about a need for stronger gun control measures, which he said may or may not have been able to save his friend, but it could save others.

“It couldn’t save Sheila but you know a Talmudic saying that says, ‘He who saves one life, it is as if they have saved the whole world,'” Spitzer-Resnick said.

Spitzer-Resnick added that he would regret if he didn’t mention how wonderful Green’s chocolate desserts were.

“In addition to that fantastic smile, she was also well known for her chocolate baking, and she shared with my wife her famous flour-less chocolate torte, and my wife has probably made it thousands of times,” Spitzer-Resnick said. “So hopefully every time we taste Sheila’s torte we will remember her and her smile.”

Spitzer-Resnick said Green’s family is asking for privacy at this time.