‘Freshmobile’ takes healthy diets to the streets

Vehicle brings fruits, vegetables to areas lacking access
‘Freshmobile’ takes healthy diets to the streets

A vehicle promoting healthy eating habits will soon be traveling the streets of south Madison.

“Freshmobile” is a nonprofit venture that plans to bring fruits and vegetables to areas that don’t always have regular access to these items.

The trailer will go to neighborhoods like Allied Drive and Meadowood every week so residents can more easily add fresh produce to their diets.

The idea was inspired by a similar initiative in Chicago.

“Really, it stemmed back from my dad,” said Freshmobile operations manager Kristie Maurer. “He started working with the Boys and Girls Club, and realized they didn’t have access and they didn’t even know what certain fresh fruits and vegetables were, and that’s what kind of spawned the idea.”

Organizers said since this business will only operate from a trailer, it will be able to keep costs down for greater customer savings.

On Mondays and Thursdays, Freshmobile will stop in the Darbo-Washington area, while on Tuesdays and Fridays it will be on Allied Drive.

On Saturdays, Freshmobile will be in the Meadowood neighborhood.

Regular service begins July 2.