Fresh Finds

1 Fresh dill from Don’s Produce is excellent with grilled salmon or in a dip.

2 “That’s good—you can put that in soup,” remarks a worker at Murphy Farms’ stand as he hands over a bag of watercress.

3 “This honey is made out of where wildflowers are grown to seed—it’s a little thicker and more granulated,” says Gentle Breeze Honey owner Eugene Woller. “One of the chefs from one of the local restaurants came by and uses this honey in a salad dressing.” Gentle Breeze Wildflower Honey, $2.75.

4 “Our sweet basil flavor is most popular—across the board. I think it’s most familiar. It might be too because it’s my favorite—I tell people that,” says Mark Olson, president of Renaissance Farm. Sweet Basil Pesto, $4.50, and Sweet Basil Pesto Vinaigrette, $5.

5 Don’s Produce sells these hearty greenhouse tomatoes and cucumber.

6 Tom Brantmeier of Brantmeier Family Farm has been coming to the Farmers’ Market for fifteen years. He grows five different types of garlic. Spring garlic, shown here, is his favorite.

7 L’Etoile uses Mammoth Farms’ produce like this kohlrabi. It’s nice served as a side dish sprinkled with salt and pepper or you can slice it to add a crunchy kick to a salad, says owner Ed Westra.

8 Snug Haven Farm’s frost-sweetened spinach is grown in hoophouses in the winter months. Heat garlic olive oil in a large skillet and stir the spinach in. Add salt, pepper and your choice of cheese, like parmesan.

9 “We make twenty-three varieties [of cheese],” says Forgotten Valley owner Denise Lehner. “The most unique would be the Havartis, butterkase, jalapeno, garlic, caraway brick and quesadilla, which just recently won an award at the World Cheese Championship held in Madison.” Forgotten Valley garlic cheddar cheese, $5.50/lb.