Freiburg Gastropub dishes up the best of Germany

The restaurant serves German favorites and one...
Freiburg Gastropub dishes up the best of Germany
New-World Flavor: Grilled herb-stuffed trout with potato dumplings may be a modern interpretation of German fare, but it still pairs nicely with a favorite brew.

Freiburg Gastropub
2616 Monroe St.

Das Gastrolokal might be more appropriate, since Freiburg Gastropub features German food. However, don’t expect any servers in dirndls or lederhosen. True, there are many Old World favorites like schnitzel and spaetzle, sausage and sauerkraut, but the interpretation is modern and fresh. For something different, try the radish salad with sheep’s milk cheese or the grilled herb-stuffed trout with potato dumplings. Of course, there is beer: one of the best selections of German beers you’ll find anywhere, plus many more in bottles and local microbrews as well. Our sister city Freiburg just got a bit closer and das is gut!