‘Freedom comes with tremendous responsibility’: Doctors equate patriotism to vaccination

MADISON, Wis.– “With freedom, comes responsibility.”

Eleanor Roosevelt made those words famous almost 80 years ago, and not only are they still true, they have added meaning this Independence Day.

“When I think of freedom, I often think of the responsibility that comes with it,” explained Dr. Jeff Pothof, UW Health. “Freedom was never intended for us to do whatever we wanted without regard for other people.”

For the first time since the pandemic, more than 50 million Americans are traveling for a holiday weekend: celebrating freedom and feeling it, too. While that’s safe for the majority of people living in Dane County, where 60% of people are fully vaccinated, 40% are still at high-risk of getting the highly-contagious Delta variant and potentially spreading it to kids under 12, who are still ineligible for the vaccine.

“Maybe the Fourth of July will be another reminder why people who are not yet vaccinated should get the shot,” said Mo Kharbat, SSM Health.

“People who aren’t vaccinated still have that responsibility to wear a mask, to remain distanced,” said Dr. Pothof. “Their actions could impact the livelihood, the lives, of others.”

“Freedom comes with tremendous responsibility,” he added.

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