Free car giveaway for area do-gooders

Free car giveaway for area do-gooders

Dusty Kubly decided last year to join a nationwide car giveaway program called “Wheels to Prosper.”

But the Brodhead resident, who’s run Kubly’s Automotive for the last 21 years, wasn’t giving it to someone who came into his shop or who pulled a random name out of a hat.

No, the winner of the 2004 Chevrolet Malibu needed to be someone who was “deserving” and who “always puts (themselves) second.” There were 59 nominations in all last fall and nearly a third suggested Ed Mikkelson get the car.

According to Dusty, Ed “helps out so many non-profit organizations, family and friends. He would give the shirt off his back to anyone he met if he thought it would benefit them. His car was a beater with 250,000 miles and was always breaking down.”

To get an idea why Dusty calls giving Ed the car “the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done,” you should know the day after he got the Chevy Malibu, Ed was in downtown Brodhead selling popcorn for the Boy Scouts.

Dusty’s got another car to give away this year. You can send an email to: with the subject line: Wheels to Prosper to nominate another area do-gooder.

Let Dusty know your name and contact information as well as the contact information of the person you’re nominating. Further, let him know why that person is so deserving, what distinguishes them as a contributor to the community, their family or friends.

The deadline is Nov. 21.

Chances are, if you need help with a project that’ll benefit others, I’m guessing Ed could give you a ride to make it happen.