Forward Madison shares new vibrant alternate jersey

Forward Madison FcCs New Alternate Jersey
Photo by Will Jenkins

MADISON, Wis. — Forward Madison FC revealed its 2020 alternate jersey Saturday which features art that was created on a canvas before being digitally transferred to the jersey.

The new jersey features fluorescent blues and pinks that ripple on the jersey due to a technique called hyrdo dipping, which involves mixing paint in water and applying it to a canvas, according to a news release.

“We wanted something that people can wear in their everyday lives that’s cooler, more street-culture than what we’ve done in the past,” FMFC designer Cassidy Sepnieski said. “It wears so well on people. It’s something that makes you stop and look.”

Sepnieski said the jersey is a tribute to the team’s culture and vibrant fan base.

The jerseys are available on the team’s web store.