Forum focuses on uniting Madison

Forum focuses on uniting Madison

President Donald Trump’s proposed crackdown on illegal immigration, sanctions against so-called sanctuary communities, and “America First” rhetoric, are threatening some deeply held values around inclusion and diversity.

Those values may only survive if citizens agree on them and actively protect them.

A committee of Madison community and faith leaders and public officials will ask “how can we help each other in the difficult times ahead,” at a community forum this Sunday entitled “United We Stand: A Community Gathering in Support of Our Neighbors Subject to Deportation or Discrimination.”

The forum will offer perspectives from a number of civic leaders and information on the legal rights of immigrants.

Organizers point out this is not a protest rally. It is an information exchange and a response to the fear and insecurity many of our friends, neighbors and co-workers are feeling. The forum is free and open to the public from two to five at Monona Terrace.