Former UW football recruit violates criminal sentence

Former UW football recruit unexcused from work-release job, uses social media
Former UW football recruit violates criminal sentence
Dominic Cizauskas

A former top Wisconsin high school football player violated his criminal sentence, going unexcused from his work-release job and also using Twitter and Instagram without permission.

Dominic Cizauskas was convicted in June by a Dane County jury of sexually assaulting a University of Wisconsin-Madison student during his official recruiting visit to campus last December. He was subsequently sentenced to 12 months in jail.

Cizauskas requested to serve his time close to his family in Mukwonago and was allowed to transfer from Dane County to Waukesha County, where he was afforded Huber privileges, allowing him to work during the day and return to the jail each night.

A Department of Corrections report from last month shows Cizauskas on three separate occasions had unaccounted for time when he was supposed to be at work, and on two other occasions, he was found using social media websites like Twitter and Instagram without permission.

“After conviction Cizauskas was given the privilege of Huber while he served conditional jail time, however he chose to disregard the rules of the Huber facility,” wrote DOC Agent Ryan Barnes in a report dated Nov. 4. “Cizauskas’ continued disregard for the expectations placed on him by society and supervising authority show he can pose a significant risk to the community.”

“Dominic Cizauskas accepts no responsibility for his actions, either the original offender or violations, and continues to blame others,” said Barnes.

Joy Staab, the director of public affairs for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, told News 3 that Cizauskas’ Huber privileges were revoked in Waukesha County and he was sent back to Dane County to complete the rest of his sentence.

Staab said Dane County did not revoke his Huber privileges for the rules violations in Waukesha County, and Cizauskas has now been sent to Walworth County for the remainder of his jail term. He does have work-release privileges in Walworth County.

After the Cizauskas recruitment, the UW-Madison football program changed its recruiting policies to no longer let freshman players serve as student-hosts for recruits.

Recruits will also not be allowed to visit other students on campus whom they might know from their hometown. Also, representatives of the Dean of Students Office will discuss sexual assault with all UW teams before the start of the 2014-15 seasons.