Former principal speaks out after drunken driving arrests

Former principal speaks out after drunken driving arrests

A former high school principal is speaking out after she was arrested three times in December on suspicion of drunken driving.

Kelly Meyers gave up her position at Oregon High School back in February. She says her decision to resign came after a 25-year struggle with alcohol and depression.

“It’s definitely the lowest I’d ever been,” she says. “You feel lonely, you feel hopeless. you feel isolated.”

“Alcoholism and depression do not discriminate, and if the two trains collide it is catastrophic,” she says.

Meyers said she is enrolled in a program with Alcoholics Anonymous and is also taking classes at UW. 

“It’s never long enough – but it’s something I owe to the students I have served and hope to serve in the future,” she says. “I miss the students mightily. It’s where my heart is – it’s where I need to be. I want to get back.” 

“I felt compelled… to say I’m not going to throw away a 30-year career in education just because I fell down,” Meyers says. “I have something I can give, I have something I can relate based on my experience – and if I can help one other or more individuals, I’m bound and determined to do that.”

Once she’s finished her recovery, Meyers says she’ll looking for a position in counseling – with the hope that her story, can help chance the ending to someone else’s.