Former Milwaukee police chief plans to retire following demotion, attorney says

Alfonso Morales
Alfonso Morales

MILWAUKEE — Former Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales has plans to retire after being demoted to police captain last week, according to his attorney.

Morales’ attorney Frank Gimbel told WDJT-TV his office is first waiting to receive documents from the Fire and Police Commission that explain why Morales was demoted.

A decision will then be made as to whether Morales will pursue legal action.

“Once we receive that we will decide as to whether or not we are going to seek judicial review of that decision because our office thinks that there are huge procedural issues associated with that meeting bring a claim against the city in the form of filing a state or federal civil rights action for the FPC’s depriving Chief Morales of his property under the employment contract without due process,” Gimbel said.