Former church employee allegedly took inappropriate pictures of children

22-year-old charged with 1 count possession of child pornography

Authorities have identified the former church employee accused taking inappropriate pictures of Oregon children. 

Spokeswoman for the Office of Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, Dana Brueck, said Wednesday morning that 22-year-old Brandon A. Finch was booked into Dane County Jail on suspicion of one count of possession of child pornography. 

Oregon School District officials informed parents of students at the Little Angels Christian Preschool program Tuesday that a former employee of the church was arrested and accused of taking inappropriate pictures of children. Brueck said Wednesday that the former employee is Finch.

Finch was not an employee of the 4K program. He worked as an audio/visual tech and would run the sound board on Sunday mornings.

According to the email from Oregon School District Superintendent Brian Busler, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Wisconsin Department of Justice have contacted the district about an investigation involving a former employee of People’s United Methodist Church.

“The Homeland Security agency did ask us for information going back on our student database for students who have been in the program for the last four years, and in their words, they said that was a precautionary step in their investigation process,” Busler said.

Busler told News 3 the district learned about the investigation Tuesday.

The Little Angels Christian Preschool program is inside the People’s United Methodist Church, according to the email.

Busler said the Oregon School District has been contracting with the People’s United Methodist Church for preschool programs for the past three or four years.

Investigators are looking into allegations that Finch took inappropriate pictures of children during church-related activities, according to the email.

The People’s United Methodist Church sent an email to their members Tuesday saying Finch took and shared inappropriate pictures of clothed children who are members of the church.

The church’s pastor told News 3 inappropriate pictures were taken of about a half-dozen youth during church functions, but added that Finch was never alone with the children.

The pastor also told News 3 authorities said Finch may have downloaded child pornography on his personal computer.

According to the email, Finch was fired on Monday, and families of children involved were notified.

“Please be assured that children at People’s United Methodist Church are safe and their continued safety and well-being is of our utmost concern,” the church’s email said.

As a precaution, investigators have asked for the names of all students who have attended Little Angels Christian Preschool 4K program for the last four years, according to the email. 

“We regret these alleged incidents may have occurred and remain steadfast in helping Oregon families,” Busler said in the email.

Church officials have scheduled a meeting at the church for Sunday for parishioners who want to hear more about what happened and share their concerns.