For the Record: Ten Years of Act 10, a conversation with the reporters who wrote the book on it

This panel aired in part on February 14’s For the Record, and is posted in full here.

MADISON, Wis. — Jason Stein and Patrick Marley were the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s statehouse reporting team in 2011 when legislation that would later became known as Act 10 was first introduced, proposals that cut most public employees’ paychecks and stripped their unions of nearly every collective bargaining right.

The legislation sparked massive protests, a bitter political battle that made national and international headlines, and a gubernatorial recall election where Governor Scott Walker became the only governor–then or now–to survive a recall.

The reporting duo went on to co-author More Than They Bargained For, chronicling the legislation, protests, and recall election aftermath.

Ten years later, Marley is still on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s state politics beat while Stein has moved on to the Wisconsin Policy Forum where he has helped produce research and analysis of Act 10’s aftermath on state spending, schools, and more.

Together on For the Record, Stein and Marley look back at what it was like to cover one of Wisconsin’s most divisive political battles, plus the rippling influence on budgets, unions and policy that the legislation has had in the decade since its passage.