For the Record: Heat and climate concerns; Uneven economic recovery; A public defender crisis

FTR: New report finds uneven economic recovery in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Policy Forum’s Ari Brown joined For the Record this week to discuss the group’s latest report, finding jobs rebounding since the beginning of the pandemic but an uneven recovery across industries in the state.

FTR: A public defender crisis in Wisconsin

A News 3 Now report earlier this week found workloads had doubled while the number of public defenders in Wisconsin remained nearly the same. SPD regional attorney manager Faun Moses joined For the Record to discuss.

FTR: Climate warnings as heat records rise

Meteorologist and climate contributor Dana Fulton joined For the Record to discuss what the recent spate of headlines highlighting heat records around the globe means for Madison.

Programming notes: Some temporary changes are coming to For the Record for the next three weeks:

  • July 31: Dana Fulton will produce a 30-minute special on climate and water
  • Aug. 7: News 3 Now will reair a one-hour political special previewing the primary midterm elections
  • Aug. 14: Eric Franke will host FTR while Naomi Kowles is out on vacation

We’ll return to our regular programming in mid-August!