For the Record: First female, Native American general officer in Wisconsin Army National Guard retires after decades of shattered glass ceilings

Also on For the Record: Chances of a veto-proof GOP supermajority in state legislature; missing parents and bond in Dane County
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Brig. Gen. Joane Mathews reflects on military retirement

MADISON, Wis. — A veto-proof “supermajority” for Republicans in the state legislature is possible but not a certainty, after the state Supreme Court reversed course and selected GOP-drawn maps to set Wisconsin’s political districts for the next ten years.

Political reporter Will Kenneally breaks down the possible scenarios on For the Record with Naomi Kowles.

Missing parents and bond in Dane County

Following a News 3 Investigation finding Dane County set the lowest bar for release in the state for similar child deaths in 2020,  UW Law School professor Cecelia Klingele joined For the Record to break down the context around the issue:

Looking back at a career shattering glass ceilings

Brig. Gen. Joane Mathews, the first female Native American to serve as deputy adjutant general in Wisconsin’s Army National Guard, is retiring. She joined For the Record looking back at a decades-long career: