For the Record: Can a governor actually halt paroles in Wisconsin?

Also on For the Record: Quadren Wilson's attorney on DCI agent charges; Tim Michel's shift in abortion stance

FTR: Defense attorney weighs in on historic charges against DCI agent in Quadren Wilson shooting

Quadren Wilson’s attorney Steve Eisenberg sat down with Naomi Kowles on For the Record to discuss the second-degree reckless endangerment charge against the DCI agent involved in Wilson’s shooting. The Wisconsin Department of Justice says it’s the first time a DCI agent has been charged for use of force in the line of duty.

FTR: Can the governor halt paroles in Wisconsin?

As GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels calls on Democratic governor Tony Evers to halt all paroles in the state of Wisconsin, UW Law School professor Cecelia Klingele explains whether that can actually happen under the law.

FTR: Michels’ shift in abortion stance

On Friday, Michels said he would in fact sign a bill passed by the legislature that would include exceptions for rape and incest in Wisconsin’s abortion ban. The statement represents a shift from his position in the primary election, and is likely a response to voter attitudes, UW-La Crosse political science professor Anthony Chergosky explained.