For the Record: Attorney on Darrell Brooks jury trial; WILL on appeal over student loan forgiveness lawsuit

Lady Forward Wisconsin State Capitol
Lady Forward sits atop the Wisconsin State Capitol on June 1, 2022. WISC-TV/Channel3000.

FTR: Conservative law firm to appeal overturned lawsuit seeking to block student loan forgiveness

The President of the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty joined For the Record on Sunday to discuss next steps after a federal judge tossed the group’s lawsuit seeking to block President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program.

The suit is unusual from others seeking the same goal, as it is the only one referencing race as a reason to block the program. Rick Esenberg defended the suit, comparing the White House’s comments that the program could help reduce the racial gap–to federal racial segregation in the 1900s.

The student loan forgiveness program does not have a racial component for qualifying for forgiveness.

FTR: Criminal Defense attorney on Darrell Brooks trial, behavior

Criminal defense attorney Chris Van Wagner joined FTR to discuss Darrell Brooks’ behavior in the first week of his jury trial. The man accused of killing six and injuring dozens more was frequently sent to a different room because of his disruptive behavior.

Friday morning, his behavior seemed to change and he was able to cross-examine witnesses from the courtroom.