For the Record: Afghan refugees one year after Taliban takeover

Also on For the Record: Rising fentanyl deaths in Wisconsin, and new research on dangerous heatwaves in the U.S.

A year since Taliban takeover, Afghan refugees adjusting in Madison

Refugee resettlement director Becca Schwartz with Madison’s only resettlement agency, Jewish Social Services, joined For the Record to reflect on lessons learned and progress made one year since tens of thousands of Afghan refugees flooded into the United States as the Taliban retook their country.

Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services issued a public health advisory this week after new data shows rising fentanyl deaths in Wisconsin. Dr. Jasmine Zapata, MD, MPH, FAAP, Chief Medical Officer for Maternal and Child Health and Chronic Diseases, joined For the Record to discuss.

New peer-reviewed research out from First Street Foundation finds dangerous heatwaves of 125 degrees and higher will become normal in the United States and even southern Wisconsin by the middle of this century. Climate expert and UW professor Richard Keller discussed the impacts on southern Wisconsin.