For the Record: A splintered state Supreme Court; When fines for threatening election workers might take effect

FTR: A contrast in two SCOWIS decisions

University of Wisconsin Law’s professor Rob Yablon joined For the Record this Sunday to discuss two recent decisions from the Wisconsin Supreme Court where the justices voted in the same way on decisions that provided victories for both conservatives seeking a ban on dropboxes, as well as public health officials to continue setting emergency orders.

FTR: Elections preview & Deadlines for new fines for threats against election workers in Madison

Madison mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway and city attorney Mike Haas joined For the Record to talk about when increased fines for threatening an election worker could take affect in the city of Madison, as well as where the city is at in preparing for the primary election

FTR: Wisconsin connections in ongoing Jan. 6 hearings

UW Journalism School professor Mike Wagner joined FTR to discuss developments in the ongoing Jan. 6 insurrection Congressional hearings, as well as Wisconsin connections to the story.