Footgolf returns to local course for season

Footgolf returns to local course for season

This spring you may find a different kind of “golfer” on the green. This golfer doesn’t have golf balls or even clubs.

Footgolf is a hybrid of soccer and golf, and has been growing in popularity as footgolf courses continue to pop up across the country.

Door Creek Golf Course in Cottage Grove owner Phil Frederickson said they installed a footgolf course on their nine-hole executive course last year.

Since then, Frederickson said they’ve seen business go up 15 to 20 percent.

The game is played with the same rules as golf, but without clubs or golf balls.

Instead, players kick a soccer ball into 21-inch holes.

It also moves quicker. A nine-hole game of traditional golf can take two hours, while footgolf can be done in half the time.

However, the frustration is still there if players don’t quite make it.

There can be a balancing act between the two sports since the game is played on the same course as traditional golfers,.

“They just want to know what it’s about more than anything because they’ve never seen anything like it ,” Frederickson said.

Door Creek only offers footgolf after noon.

Whether your foot can bring in a long drive or not, footgolf is sticking around.

“What we’re seeing with this is they’re bringing the younger generation into the game and getting them outside,” said Frederickson.

There are currently a dozen footgolf courses in Wisconsin.

Find the one closest to you.