Football hype billows at Badgerville

With football Season Just around the corner, the University of Wisconsin hosted “Badgerville” today, an event to get fans fired up for the Season ahead.

MADISON, Wis. — With football season just around the corner, the University of Wisconsin hosted “Badgerville” Sunday, an event to get fans fired up for the season ahead.

The energy around Camp Randall Stadium is different this time of year.

Fans may not be “jumping around” just yet, but getting an inside look at their favorite team gave fans plenty to cheer about in the meantime.

The Kohl’s kids combine took center stage, which is the pee-wee version of the NFL draft combine.

Future Badgers got to test their high jump and weight lifting skills, while Bucky Badger hyped up fans taking advantage of a 360-degree selfie fan cam. All this family fun was followed by an open practice to get fans ready for the return of game day.

“We’re really excited about the season and any opportunity to come and see the guys practice. We wanted to bring our son, Xavier, just to see the guys get to work and be around the atmosphere, so really pumped for the season,” Badgers superfan Quincy Blackwell said.

Families spent the afternoon bonding over the Badgers and getting an exclusive look at their favorite players. This experience is something fans said they wouldn’t have traded for the world.

The 18th-ranked Badgers open the 2022 Season on September 3rd when Illinois State travels to Camp Randall. A few weeks later, they’ll kick off Big Ten play on September 24th at Ohio State.