Foodies’ Favorites

Comfort is as comfort does, so we asked local restaurant pros which dish they turn to when they need an instant comfort-food fix. Their answers were interesting, delicious and, in a couple
of cases, unexpected.


Tony Dunscombe, Weary Travler Freehouse:
“A cold-cut sandwich, with turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and maybe a weird vinaigrette. It’s an easy go-to.”

Matt Pace, Monty’s Blue Plate Diner:
“Fried Chicken is my death row meal. Fried chicken and spaghetti.”

Arom Wichitchu, Sa-Bai Thong:
“Soup. It makes you feel better without saying anything.”

Francisco Vacquez, Taqueria Guadalajara:
“Tilapia a la Mexicana.”

Thanh Le, Ha Long Bay:
“Yes, it’s pho. It’s like coffee to Americans—people get together, have a bowl and talk.”

Rob Grisham, Brasserie V:
“Sushi at Muramoto.”

Chris Gerster, Avenue Bar:
“Ratatouille. Let it cook real slow, then pour it over chicken or bulgar wheat. I make it in huge batches.”

Perry McCourtney, Michael’s Frozen Custard:
“Glass Nickel Pizza, with mushroom and sausage.”

Keith Daniels, Harmony Bar:
“Italian pot roast.”

Tory Miller, Graze:
“American cheeseburger is my comfort food.”

Tim Larsen, The Coopers Tavern:
“For me, it comes down to the pasta in the supper clubs of northern Wisconsin.”

Tami Lax, The Old Fashioned:
“Slow-cooked things like stew, grilled cheese and Jell-O with fresh fruit.”