Food Fight Restaurant Group furloughs roughly 750 employees

Food Fight Restaurant Group keeps on fighting

MADISON, Wis. — Food Fight Restaurant Group is furloughing about 750 employees following restaurant restrictions set forth by the government in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Caitlin Suemnicht, the chief operating officer for the locally owned and operated restaurant group, says in an email the company’s restaurants are all down to about four employees. She says each restaurant typically employs 30 to 75 people each.

“I know I’m not alone when I say these past few days have been the hardest few days of my life—every local restauranteur is in the position we’re in, and I’m devastated for our employees and everyone whose lives are affected by COVID-19 right now,” Suemnicht said.

The news comes after Food Fight announced it is closing all restaurants for dine-in guests. As an alternative, most of its restaurants will have delivery and curbside carryout pickup service.

Fresco, Johnny Delmonico’s, Steenbock’s on Orchard and Aldo’s Cafe have completely closed temporarily. Catering a Fresco, the catering company within Overture Center for the Arts is also closed temporarily.

Suemnicht said after this week, Food Fight will look to see if it’s viable for all restaurants to continue offering curbside carryout and delivery.

“We understand the decision was made by the Governor to protect our community, and we agree that people do need to social distance,” Suemnicht said. “We just hope that our employees and our businesses get the support we need from the local and federal government and that we can open back up to full service as soon as possible, and stronger than ever.”