Food cart workers try to keep cool

Hot temperatures continue to scorch Madison
Food cart workers try to keep cool

Most people look forward to their lunch hour, which gives them a chance to get out and get some fresh air.

But for some, such as food cart workers, the rush for food means cranking up the heat to temperatures well above 100 degrees.

Maggie Richter said there’s no escaping the heat in her workplace — the mobile food cart Señor Peppers.

“All the customers, they come up here, and they’re like, ‘Oh you poor thing. It’s too hot inside. Maybe you guys are boiling; stay cool in there,'” said a smiling Richter. “We try!”

When business is hot around the Capitol Square, workers at food carts have to find a way to keep cool. Vendor Lori Hartnett used ice wrapped in a towel to cool off.

“There were a couple days when I think we had a little minor heat stroke or heat exhaustion,” said Hartnett, placing an icy towel around her neck. “My husband had to go leave and sit in the air conditioning for a little while.”


As the hot weather continues, vendors like Richter are serving their entrees with a side of perspective.

“I just concentrate, and I say that I enjoy this hot weather because we got a short winter,” Richter said.