Florida imports refugees to export

Gov. Ron Desantis Claims Credit For Sending 2 Planes Carrying Migrants To Martha’s Vineyard In Massachusetts

Well, you might think that would be embarrassing.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis staged an expensive publicity stunt, flying two plane loads of cross-border refugees to Martha’s Vineyard, the Massachusetts island playground for the super-rich.

Then he and his staff went on camera to explain they did so, using Florida tax dollars – to offer the refugees a better life in a state that would welcome them.

But then it turned out that many, in not all, of the refugees were actually recruited in San Antonio, a city – you may recall – located in Texas.

Apparently, Florida can’t even find a sufficient number of “illegals” to fill a plane.

I suppose that might even be true. Florida is not a border state. Florida’s border is the Atlantic Ocean.

Also, if DeSantis’ goal was to embarrass the people of Massachusetts, it failed completely.

What happened is the residents of Martha’s Vineyard rose to the occasion, finding food and lodging for the 50 or so refugees – many of whom seemed to come from Venezuela – and providing a warm welcome.

When I first started reading about the efforts of the governors of Texas, Arizona, and, now, Florida to send the refugees – they call them “illegal aliens” – to northern liberal states, I thought they may be competing to be seen as practitioners of competent cruelty, as opposed to a certain former president who seemed incompetent at most everything.

But, no more. They’re not competent, they’re just cruel.

It is true that a lot of refugees, seeking either economic stability or freedom from totalitarian governments, are arriving at our borders each month. It is also true that the Latin American countries they pass through are also absorbing a lot of refugees.

It is also true that immigration is a problem that could be dealt with if Democratic and Republican legislators would sit down together and try to resolve it. There was even a time when Republican leaders like George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan were eager to find answers to the issue.

That was then, this is now.

Now, the goal is not to resolve a problem. The goal is to “own the libs.”

So Ron DeSantis sends plane loads of Texas refugees to Martha’s Vineyard and Texas Governor Greg Abbott sends busloads of refugees to Washington, D.C., and drops them off at the vice president’s residence.

They get their headlines and America gets another black eye.