Flooding shuts down roads in Medina, Marshall after heavy rain overnight

Dane County sending resources
Flooding shuts down roads in Medina, Marshall after heavy rain overnight

Roads are closed in Marshall after heavy rains caused flooding there, according to officials with the Marshall Volunteer Fire Department.

A first look at some of the flooding in Marshall. Officials say this flooding is the worst they’ve seen since 2008. @WISCTV_News3 #News3 pic.twitter.com/qAeVQvKE7d

— Adam Duxter WISC-TV (@News3Adam) August 17, 2018

Officials said a section of Box Elder Road in the town of Medina, from the intersection at Highway 19 to the intersection at Missouri Road, is closed. Officials said water is running across the roadway there and officials are asking residents to avoid the area.

Berlin Road by Deansville is also closed. Officials shut down Cherry Lane Bridge near Canal Road, but are allowing access to Maple Heights from Highway 19.

Due to the overnight flooding Dane County will be sending our sandbagging resources to Marshall and Medina.

— Joe Parisi (@DaneCoJoe) August 17, 2018

Officials are asking for volunteers to help fill sandbags. Anyone interested in helping can go to the town garage on Highway 19 across from Little Amerricka. Dane County Executive Joe Parisi said the county will be sending resources to Marshall and Medina.

“Any help would be appropriated,” fire officials said in a Facebook post. “We would like to get ahead of this situation before it gets any worse.”

Officials would also like to remind people to keep children away from fast-moving water.