Flannel Fest features local musicians during virtual concert to raise money for charity

Flannel Fest



MADISON, Wis. — Flannel Fest will offer a unique music video experience on Saturday night, bringing together musicians from all over to play music for charity.

Local artist Beth Kille will debut two new songs at the virtual event.

“It’s all about collaboration in music,” Kille said. “The local scene in particular, we all sink or swim together and so I’ve just tried to find the strongest swimmers who are willing to throw me back in the boat when I start to flounder.”

The festival, which highlights Americana music, will take place virtually this year for the first time.

“It’s amazing how much live music fuels my soul,” Kille said. “It’s the interaction with the audience where you play for them and they react to you. Their reaction fills you up and it’s just this beautiful cycle of energy that everybody feels that it’s really hard to emulate in a normal format.”

The event will be live-streamed on Facebook at 6 p.m. and free for anyone to watch.

“Going online presents new opportunities and struggles about how to reach people,” Erik Kjelland, local musician and Flannel Fest organizer, said.

The virtual concert will raise money for the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund.

“They help our neighbors in need,” Kjelland said. “They provide energy and housing assistance to people who need it during the cold winter months of Wisconsin.”