Five years later, stolen dog reunited with owner after social media post

JANESVILLE, Wis. — More than five years after she was stolen, Ginger is back home.

The Beloit Police Department recently posted about a stray dog that had been found, in hopes the social media post would help reunited her with her owner. Little did anyone know that it was a dog that had been missing for years.

The Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin says Ginger’s family had tried everything they could think of to find her over the years, eventually adopting other dogs, but never forgetting about her.

When Beloit Police made the post about a stray dog matching her description, Ginger’s owner, Barney, reached out to the humane society. Staff at the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin says when Barney arrived and was led to the back of the shelter to see if the missing dog was in fact Ginger, there was no doubt when the two reunited.

The humane society says Ginger is now home, making up for lost time with her family — and the other new dogs in the home.