Five new outdoor murals added to downtown Janesville as part of art event

JANESVILLE, Wis. – Downtown Janesville will now permanently feature five new outdoor murals, painted by artists from throughout the country.

In part with the city’s annual “Art Infusion” event, the murals will go up along different locations near main street, as well as Milwaukee street on the city’s west side.

“After the popularity of Jeff Henriquez’s mural last year of Chief Black Hawk, we really thought it was time to add a mural component to Art Infusion,” said Christine Rebout, Executive Director of Janesville Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Rebout and a panel of others selected the five artists from 45 different entries into the event. From there, she says the city looked to find building owners who were willing to offer their walls to the art.

“We really wanted to keep this event in the downtown so we have a concentration of artists,” she said.

The new murals include depictions of women’s history, as well as origami birds, carousel horses and others.

“It’s extremely cool even just to take the opportunity to see the other people’s work,” said Milwaukee-based artist Stephanie Krellwitz, who’s mural can be found on the side of the Lark restaurant on Main Street. “To talk to other artists and pick their brains especially being so new to something like this.”

Rebout says hosting Art Infusion has given people in Janesville a chance to enjoy a downtown event in a safe way.

“This year, It’s been a challenge for people to do anything,” Rebout said.  “This event gives people an opportunity to come outside safely. We social distance, we wear our masks, but we’re still able to enjoy something as a collective community.”

The five new murals can be found at:

  • Behind 215 W. Milwaukee St.
  • Behind Hometown Pharmacy at 21 S Jackson St.
  • On the south side of 60 W Main St.
  • On the south side of 37 S Main St.
  • On the north side of 101 E Milwaukee St.