Fitchburg in need of spring election staff after workers quit over COVID-19 concerns

A voting booth

MADISON, Wis. (–) A lot of states have postponed elections but not Wisconsin. As of now the spring general election is April 7 and that’s putting local municipalities in a tough spot. Aaron Richardson, the mayor of Fitchburg, is calling for additional poll workers to step in so Election Day can run as planned.

Richardson tells News 3 Now that the reality is a lot of people who usually run the polling center are older and do not feel comfortable working during the pandemic because of health concerns. He is asking for younger workers to replace them and tells News 3 Now that all safety precautions will be taken.

“They’ll have gloves and masks. We are going to make sure that we are cleaning all day long, we are going to really try to protect residents and people who are working.” Richardson said. “If people can bring their own ball point pen that would be great. We will have pens and we will sanitize them after every use but if they have their own pens they can bring those as well.”

Fitchburg plans on having all four of their voting locations open. Middleton officials announced they are consolidating voting to one location. The city of Madison filed a brief as part of a federal lawsuit asking for the election date to be postponed or for it to move fully to mail-in voting. Election officials there said they do not have enough staff to carry out a full and fair election.