Verona Area High School students given opportunity to attend class at new building for first time

VERONA, Wis. — High schoolers in Verona had the opportunity to attend class in-person at their brand new building for the first time Tuesday.

The school hoped to hold the first day in the new space back in September, but learning has been all-virtual due to COVID-19.

About two-thirds of students chose to start in-person learning two days a week. Half those students attend on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, while the other half attend on Thursdays and Fridays.

Verona Area High School Principal Pam Hammen told News 3 Now it was an exciting day.

“I’m a positive thinker, so the year might not have been what we thought it was going to be, or how we originally envisioned opening the school,” Hammen said. “But I’m just grateful I have the opportunity to have students here with us today. And I know I didn’t get to see their smiles, but I could see in their eyes that they were happy to be here, and we’re grateful for that.”

Hammen said students will have to get used to a very controlled environment. For example, students have assigned seats in the cafeteria with their 4th hour class to help with contact tracing efforts and reducing exposure.