Fireworks spark grass fire in Beloit

Other small fires reported from use of banned fireworks
Fireworks spark grass fire in Beloit

Falling embers from fireworks in Beloit caused a grass fire.

Beloit Fire Department Capt. Scott Fisher said  firefighters were called at about 9:50 p.m. Wednesday to the launch area for the city’s fireworks. The fire was contained to grass and brush, and nobody was injured.

Fisher said the fire department did a controlled burn of as much of the area as it could Sunday, but the fire was able to take off in the untouched areas.

He said the fire department responded to other reports of small fires around the city Wednesday night as people shot off banned fireworks.

One of those fireworks sparked a fire in the Pritchard family’s backyard.

The family said they obeyed the burn ban but someone else’s fireworks started the fire. The family said it’s important for everyone to heed the warnings that officials put out.

“Some people think that when some people say don’t do something, they’re trying to ruin your fun, but most likely they’re trying to save your life or stop this from happening,” said Lakisha Pritchard.

Pritchard said that only bikes along the side of the house prevented flames from reaching the home.


Beloit firefighters said they responded to a total of five fireworks-related fires Wednesday.

Fire officials said Beloit’s burn ban will stay in place until the area gets some significant rainfall. If people are caught burning anything outside during this burn ban, they could face a $177 fine for a first offense.