Firefighters use absorbent powder to soak up diesel from roadway that spilled during car vs. semi crash

Madison fire vehicle decal generic

MADISON, Wis. — Firefighters had to help clean up a diesel leak on Madison’s southwest side Monday after a car vs. semi truck crash ruptured one of the semi’s fuel tanks.

Officials with the Madison Fire Department said they were called to the intersection of Verona Road and Atticus way shortly before 7 p.m. because diesel was leaking onto the roadway. Crews used wood plugs and putty to slow the leak before placing a tank trap below the leak to catch any other fuel.

An estimated 7-10 gallons of diesel leaked onto the roadway before firefighters were able to intervene. Crews used an absorbent power known as “oil dry” to soak up the fuel that spilled onto the roadway.

No one was injured in the crash.

A portion of the fuel leaked into a nearby storm sewer drain, so firefighters contacted the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to notify them.

A tow truck was also called to remove the disabled semi truck from the intersection.