Firefighters finish mowing lawn for man who fell

When a south Madison man fell while mowing Wednesday, firefighters went beyond the call of duty to not only make sure he received care, but his lawn did, too.

The Madison Fire Department said crews responded at 3:12 p.m. to the Arbor Hills neighborhood on a report of a man who had fallen down while mowing the lawn and felt too weak to get himself back up.

Firefighters found the 80-year-old lying next to a tree, the report said. He told first responders he was trying to mow around some rocks and lost his balance.

The crew helped the man to his feet, and a swarm of mosquitoes drove everyone inside as they gathered vitals and other health information. The crew determined the man should see a doctor, and an ambulance was requested.

Meanwhile, firefighters returned to the lawn mower and picked up where the man left off, finishing the day’s work so it would be one less thing to worry about once he returned home.

When the work was finished, the crew put away the lawn mower, locked the house and returned the keys to the patient, who was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

Firefighters finish mowing lawn for man who fell