Firefighters called to fraternity house for fire pit still smoldering on deck

MADISON, Wis. — The Madison Fire Department says a fraternity house downtown was damaged after an unattended fire pit continued to burn.

Firefighters were sent to the house at 12 Langdon Street just before 1 p.m. Wednesday after someone reported seeing smoke and flames at the back of the home.

As firefighters from Engine 1 approached, they reported seeing light smoke in the area. After investigating, they found an outdoor fire pit with smoldering debris sitting on a flat-roof deck. The wood on the deck underneath the fire pit was reportedly charred and smoldering.

Firefighters worked to cut away that portion of the deck and checked the rest of the house before confirming the fire did not spread.

People living in the house said they had used the fire pit the previous night and thought the fire had been put out. The fire department says nobody was hurt or displaced due to the smoldering fire pit.

Fire officials say the incident is a reminder that city ordinance says fire pits are only allowed to be used at least 15 feet away from buildings and cannot be used on decks, porches or patios that can catch on fire. Pits should be supervised at all times. The City of Madison has a full list of burning requirements on its website.