Firefighters attribute small greenhouse fires to oily rags that spontaneously combusted

House fire displaces 6 people

MADISON, Wis. — Firefighters traced two small greenhouse fires back to oil-soaked rags that spontaneously combusted on Madison’s northside early Friday morning.

Crews were initially dispatched to Northridge Terrace for reports of a fire inside a greenhouse. When they arrived, firefighters noticed two small fires inside the building.

The greenhouse was filled with smoke, but crews were able to put out the fires with a water can and shovel before it spread further.

No one was inside the greenhouse at the time of the fire.

Someone with ties to the greenhouse said they had been using linseed oil to refinish some wood and left the rags inside the greenhouse with other supplies. Fire officials said the oily rags spontaneously ignited, causing the fire.

No one was injured in the incident.