Fire Department warns about fireworks fines

Only a few types of fireworks are legal in Madison
Fire Department warns about fireworks fines

The Madison Fire Department is warning residents about the consequences if they use illegal fireworks in the city.

If you live in Madison, only sparklers, snakes, snaps, caps and party poppers are legal. If police find you with other fireworks, you could face a $330 fine.  A second offense will cost you $430.

Fire authorities said at least two fires started from illegal fireworks this year.

“When you do this, you’re not just starting a little fire, you’re potentially starting a large fire,” said Fire Department spokesperson Lori Wirth. “That can encroach on heavily populated areas and do a world of damage. “

Firework fines aren’t just for adults. Juveniles will receive a fine of more than $100 if they’re caught with illicit fireworks.