Finding time for meditation

Take time for self care
Finding time for meditation
Bobbie Harte

In a culture structured around productivity, Andrea Russell finds the practice of yoga and meditation to be more meaningful than ever. Russell is a local ayurvedic health counselor, yoga therapist, meditation teacher and neurovascular therapist who stresses the importance of self care and taking time to slow down. “There are so many things that pull us away from ourselves,” she says.

She helps clients transform routines into rituals by putting meaning behind them. A mindful morning that involves self-reflective meditation, awareness of one’s body and positive intention-setting thoughts can change your entire day. “We can take an everyday routine of chopping vegetables and make it a ritual of self care,” she says. Russell hosts seasonal and silent retreats in Wisconsin and abroad that she says help people bring back changes to their lives that are more supportive of their health and the life they want to be living. Russell says she watches people transform. “I love retreats because it’s a dedicated time for self care and rejuvenation.” she says.

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