Finding Pfizer vaccines in Dane County ahead of possible Emergency Use Authorization from FDA

MADISON, Wis.– Local vaccinators are on standby, preparing appointments for as soon as the federal and state governments give the green light to vaccinate kids 12 and up.

Pfizer applied for an Emergency Use Authorization to vaccinate kids ages 12 to 15, and the FDA is expected to authorize it early next week, according to media reports.

“We will be ready to distribute that and support our vaccinators in admitting vaccines,” Wisconsin DHS Deputy Secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk said.

There’s about 300,000 kids that fall into the 12-15 age group in Wisconsin, according to Willems Van Dijk.

Snagging an appointment for your kid will be pretty similar to how the general public has been signing up.

“I think the infrastructure will really stay likely the same. So, same types of access is what they may have experienced for themselves previously,” UW Health’s Dr. Matt Anderson said.

UW Health typically gets between 2,300 and 3,500 doses of Pfizer each week, according to Anderson.

“I think the infrastructure will really stay likely the same so same types of access is what they may have experienced for themselves previously.”

“The good news is at this point, we have a lot better supply than we did ever before,” Anderson said. “So, I am optimistic that if we have the demand, we can actually meet that for the county really within a few weeks.”

SSM Health couldn’t specify how many doses they get, but the provider’s supply has significantly increased since December.

“I can assure you that we would have enough vaccines from Pfizer to vaccinate children in our community,” SSM Health’s Vice President of Pharmacy Services Mo Kharbat said.

Vaccinators expect the Emergency use Authorization to bring a surge in demand. A surge they’d welcome and are prepared to handle.

“Vaccine clinics have improved significantly because most people 16 and up have really been vaccinated, and now, we have the ability to take on the next age group from 12 to 15,” Kharbat said.

Public Health Madison and Dane County also plans on opening appointments at the Alliant Energy Center to the younger age group as soon as DHS and the FDA say it’s okay.

Most vaccinators require parents or guardians to attend the appointment with their child.