Find Tasty, Cheap Ramen and Dumplings at Umami

Find Tasty, Cheap Ramen and Dumplings at Umami

The next big thing elsewhere has finally come to town. Umami is our own ramen and dumpling restaurant on Willy Street. Housed in a quaint one-hundred-plus-year-old cottage, inside everything is sleek and bright. Like the decor, the minimalist menu offers a handful each of appetizers, salads, dumplings and ramen. Forget those little cellophane-wrapped packets–the ramen here rocks! Big bowls of noodles in rich broth paired with the likes of roast pork shoulder, marinated chicken and even a flavor-infused egg raise the roof on flavor. An après-slurping order of green tea crème brulee completes a meal that’s as economical as it is satisfying.

PHOTO: Taste one–or all three–of these specialties: veggie dumplings with smoked tofu, bok choy and shiitake mushrooms; pork buns stuffed with pork belly, pickled baby cucumber, scallions and house-blend hoisin sauce; or the Tonkotsu ramen with pork broth and locally produced ramen topped with a flavor-infused egg, roast pork, bamboo shoots, nori and green onions.

Umami Ramen & Dumpling Bar 923 Williamson St. 819-6319

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