Find hand pie perfection

Two places serve up great versions
Find hand pie perfection
Photo by Katie Gardner Photography
Bloom Bake Shop

The hand pie is the darling dessert of street food. Its compact size makes it more of a humble indulgence–one that may leave you wishing for just one more. Here in Madison, we found two places that have perfected the art of the hand pie.

With two locations (Madison and Middleton), Bloom Bake Shop sources local ingredients to make seasonal pie flavors such as apple caramel, winter cranberry chess and eggnog. Sure, you could take one with you, but why not sit for a while and enjoy the aesthetics of the light and airy shops, friendly counter service and fair trade coffee and teas? 1851 Monroe St., 509-7669; 1834 Parmenter St., Middleton, 831-5797

Portage Pi at the Graduate Hotel boasts a “Hand Pie Hangout.” Downtown and part of the boutique-style Graduate Hotel, this is a great place to cozy up with both sweet and savory hand pies. Flavors include a taste of Wisconsin with the WI Pi–a breakfast pie with local eggs, ham and cheese curds; a chicken and broccoli pie, a rotating vegetable pie and a chef’s special. The sweet side of the Pi menu offers an apple pie with traditional spices as well as a blueberry variety with ricotta cheese and lavender honey. 601 Langdon St., 257-4391

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