Fighting to keep going, Paisan’s Restaurant still awaiting answers as to when it can re-open

Paisan's Restaurant closed in Madison

MADISON, Wis. — More than 70 years of tradition is in jeopardy.

Co-Owner of Paisan’s Italian Restaurant, Wally Borowski, continues to wait and see when his restaurant will be allowed to re-open.

“It’s without a doubt what I have done day in and day out for so many years that I’d hate to see anything happen to it but good. I just want to see it succeed,” explained Borowski.

On September 10th, the entirety of those working and living in 131 West Wilson Street, including Paisan’s Restaurant, were told to evacuate by the City of Madison.

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This shutdown was due to engineering reports showing structural and concrete stability concerns within the building’s garage.

Almost two weeks later, the building remains closed and Borowski is being told it could stay that way until the first week of October.

“There’s a lot of elements… there are a lot of balls up in the air. I mean we still don’t know so many things,” said Borowski.

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The City’s Inspector, Matthew Tucker, said Friday that they believe progress is being made on the construction but did not know if the building would be back open by the plan of a 15 workday timeline.

Tucker shared with us two weeks ago that this entire situation could have been avoided had the owners of the building, Rice Investment LLC, taken care of structural concerns much earlier.

We reached out to Rice Investment LLC for comment on this story but have not heard back yet.