Festive Foods

Tie memories to food this holiday season
Festive Foods

Food is a family’s common language and cooking during the holidays is the perfect time to speak it. We tie memories to food. A special meal has flavors that remind us of the past, give us reasons to cherish the present and offer a sense of hope for the future. The last three months of the year mark celebrations including the Hindu Festival of Lights, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s Eve. Members of the Madison community have their own holiday customs, many of which happen at the dinner table. Here are seven food stories, plus other snapshots of traditions that explore and reveal some interesting ways in which we use food to celebrate, and to remember.

Dan Curd’s holiday at home

The Italian chefs’ feast of the seven fishes

Harvest’s meaningful menu

Vicky Cassidy’s food language

Sujhey Beisser’s unwritten recipe

Edith Hilliard’s principles and cookies

Mahesh Sharma’s sweet memories

Completing a Jewish holiday table with challah bread

9 favorite cookie recipes

Giving back: River Food Pantry needs volunteers year round

Spending the holidays with the Millers

No ice bucket needed

5 holiday appetizers for everyone

Hot or not holiday dishes

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