Local veterans celebrate flag day with military Bucky on Parade

MADISON, Wis. - Thursday is flag day, and local veterans are celebrating with a special guest. They're sharing the inspiration for the military-themed Bucky statue which is part of "Bucky on Parade." 

Full Fatigues Bucky can be found inside the Wisconsin Veterans Museum on State Street and the Capitol Square. It's covered with images related to combat and military life and meant to honor people who have served the military. 

The artists who designed the statue shared the inspiration for the statue. They wanted to incorporate as many military-related images as possible. 

"We have every branch. We have every gender. We have as many different parts of diversity that we saw during our times in service as well as making sure we included as much as we possibly could to represent as many veterans as we could," Jenn Slunga, of the Veterans Art Group, said. 

The Bucky statue will be out until September 12. Bucky on Parade is a fundraiser for the Madison Area Sports Commission and Badger Basketball Coach Greg Gard's cancer initiative. 

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